Wear & Care Instructions

How to wear and care for your masks
Make sure you wear your masks correctly and look after them to ensure maximum longevity, comfort and protection.

It is important to wear and care for your mask correctly. This helps ensure a proper fit for comfort, longevity and protection. Our masks have a wire in the top which you can bend to fit snugly around your nose and get a tight fit that contours closely around your face. For glasses wearers, this will also help prevent your glasses fogging up. You will no longer have to choose between visual or viral danger! They also have a filter pocket opening at the bottom where you can insert additional filter material.

If your mask doesn’t fit well, we offer a free return and replace service so that you can get the size that suits you best. Simply contact us with your order details and we’ll work to replace them as quickly as possible. Our eco-friendly compostable postal bags are reusable for sending in your returns (see instructions on the bags). Please be aware that we may not be able to offer the same design that you ordered depending on availability at the time.

How to wear and care for your mask

  • The front of your mask should have the pleats pointing down and the wire at the top
  • Make sure it covers your nose and mouth and sits under the chin, press down on the wire to fit your face.
  • Hook the elastic around ears (if it’s too loose, tack the ends with a few stitches or buy an adapter).
  • Don’t touch the fabric once in use even though you’ll suddenly have the urge to scratch your nose.
  • Wash after *every* use.
  • Remove the mask using the straps and don’t touch the fabric.
  • Put it straight into the washing machine or sink and wash your hands.
  • Wash on 60° with normal detergent or hand wash in *hot* soapy water.
  • Reshape and dry (you may iron your mask for extra virus killing though avoid the elastic as it will melt).
  • You can reach inside via the filter pocket (the opening at the bottom) to pull out the wire in the top if you want to remove it before washing or to reshape afterwards. I have intentionally designed these masks so that the wire can be removed so that they can be readjusted or replaced when necessary.

Follow the official guidance

We encourage everyone to follow the official guidance for their respective region. STEMpunk masks are not medical-grade and should not be used in environments where certified PPE is required. There is good evidence to show that cotton double-layered face coverings (that are worn correctly and washed after use) are of benefit. All our masks also include a filter pocket where you can add an extra layer of filter fabric for extra protection. It is important to look after and wear your mask correctly. Social distancing and washing hands are still key.

Profits from the sales of these funky masks go to a sewist group making protective gear for the NHS and key workers ( I am also making masks directly for them. Thank you for helping masks get to our care-workers! 

Be safe, be well and I hope this brings a tiny bit of cheer in tough times.