Welcome to STEMpunk

We aim to send out orders within 1-2 days of payment being made. We also now ship internationally!

Thank you for interest in my work! Any profits generated go to local and national food banks.

Each mask costs £7.50 and each card costs £3.25 including free UK shipping. For orders outside the UK shipping will be added when placing your order. Rates are reasonably priced according to Royal Mail world zones.

STEMpunk masks have a removable wire in the top which allows for a closer snug fit and is ideal for glasses wearers as it prevents them from getting fogged up. There is also a pocket opening to insert additional filter material.*

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!

NEW: STEMpunk original Greeting Cards

Featuring our fabulous new original designs honouring various STEM heroes

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STEM-themed Masks

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics motifs

Funky Masks

Fun, beautiful, and quirky designs

Solid Colour Masks

Oh yeah, we do these too

*STEMpunk masks are not medical-grade PPE. They are protective face coverings and I make no health claims for them.